Frigidaire Stove liners for Gas Stove

  • SELECT YOUR FRIGIDAIRE  STOVE MODEL FROM ABOVE LIST - Based on the model you select, we will send you Customized Stovetop Protector. Stove Protectors are not "Universal" each stove has a unique cut. Our Stove Protectors are designed to work with the model you select from the dropdown menu list.  If you don't find your stove model in List check back, we are adding new models every month. 
  • Customized Stovetop Protectors are "MADE IN USA" with FDA approved imported materials.
  • HEAT RESISTANT TO 500° AND EASY FITTING – Protecting your gas stovetop metal surface. Stovetop Protector Liners (by Premium Plus) are customized to fit your stove, simply place them on your stovetop – keeping your stovetop clean like new.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - It’s now easy to keep your stovetop clean, reusable, just place Customized Stovetop Protector Liners in your dishwasher – it’s simple and easy!
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVAL - Our Customized Stovetop Protector Liners are customized to the size of your stovetop in three easy to place and remove pieces –ready to stay clean.
  • FDA APPROVED WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY - Our Customized Stovetop Protector Liners are FDA approved, they are PFOA & BPA Free – Eco-friendly and safe. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
  • Customized Stovetop Protector Liners by Premium Plus Inc.


    Stovetop Protector Liners are a Non-Stick surface.

    Help make life easier; easy living for life.

    HEAT RESISTANT TO 500° - Protecting your gas stovetop metal surface  –   feel confident while keeping your Stovetop clean. 



    • Take off the stovetop accessories.
    • Lay down the covers, middle section first, and then the two other sides; all lay together overlapping on your stovetop to protect the metal surface.
    • Reassemble the stove accessories, and you are ready.
    • Easy to install and easy to remove for a hassle-free experience.
    • Keep your stovetop clean and neat by wiping off all drips, drops, spills, and grease
    • The Stovetop Protector Liners can simply be wiped down with a wet sponge between uses or
    • Place the Stovetop Protectors Liners on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning; they are dishwasher safe for your convenience

    (Note, if one side of the stovetop has a spill, ONLY remove one side, clean it and replace it, it's simple and easy)


    ✔ It’s simple to use, and it’s easy to clean

    ✔ Reusable, hand washable and dishwasher safe

    ✔ Isn’t time to STOP scrubbing your stovetop today

    ✔ Reusable, keep your gas stovetop looking like new

    ✔ It's a breeze to clean and keeps your stovetop spotless


    Package Includes: 

    • A Set of 3 (Customized Stovetop Protector Liners)
    • Life-Time Warranty Cards
    • Care Instructions

    Premium Plus Inc. is a Family Owned / Operated Company