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Yes, right here in beautiful Washington State.

A Nonstick material: PTFE/ Polytetrafluoroethylene and fiberglass, smooth surface, easy to wipe clean, protect your gas cooker from burnt on spills. They are HEAT RESISTANT TO 500° protecting your gas stovetop metal surface so you can feel confident cooking while keeping your Stovetop clean.

No, they not burn because they are made of Teflon Coated sheets and are flame retardant and they are custom-cut to fit your specific stovetop.

Yes, they are completely washable, reusable, and are dishwasher safe, it’s simple to use, and it’s easy to clean. It's a breeze to clean and keeps your stovetop spotless keeps your gas stovetop looking like new.

The model number on a stove is usually located in a square or rectangle on the back of your stove, sometimes they are behind the lower drawer.

Once you have the model number for your stove, we have a scroll down menu labeled (To Find Your Model Number) to choose your model before purchasing.

These come in a set of 3, if you have 5 burners, 2 of the liners have cutouts for 2 burners and 1 liner has the long cut out for the burner in the middle of your stove. It is pretty self-explanatory when you receive the set of three where they belong on your stove.

Please send us your exact make and model number and we will assist you.

Use the "Search" feature on our website. Enter your stove model number, and our search engine will locate the correct stove liners for your stove.

Yes, and we are currently working on them all.