Customized Stovetop Protector Liners by Premium Plus Inc.

Stovetop Protectors are "MADE IN USA" with FDA-approved imported materials.
These are not "Universal Stove Protectors" each stove has a unique cut, and our Stove Protectors are designed to work with the model selected from the list. If you don't find your stove model in the list, check back; we add new models every month.

HEAT RESISTANT TO 500° AND EASY FITTING – Protecting your gas stovetop metal surface. Stovetop Protector Liners (by Premium Plus) are customized to fit your stove, simply place them on your Stovetop – keeping your Stovetop clean like new.
DISHWASHER SAFE - It's now easy to keep your Stovetop clean, and reusable, just place Customized Stovetop Protector Liners in your dishwasher – it's simple and easy!
EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVAL - Our Customized Stovetop Protector Liners are customized to the size of your Stovetop in three easy-to-place and remove pieces –ready to stay clean.
FDA APPROVED WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY - Our Customized Stovetop Protector Liners are FDA approved; they are PFOA & BPA

✔ It's simple to use, and it's easy to clean
✔ Reusable, hand washable, and dishwasher safe
✔ Isn't time to STOP scrubbing your Stovetop today
✔ Reusable, keep your gas stovetop looking like new
✔ It's a breeze to clean and keeps your Stovetop spotless

Help make life easier; easy living for life.